Appscaling tweak

KrishKrish Level 2
edited September 2020 in ZenFone 6
"strech" option required for the games that won't run full screen even after turning on the appscaling. 


  • KrishKrish Level 2
    "STRETCH" .         
  • Which game doesn't stretch all the way?
  • Which game doesn't stretch all the way?
    Telltale games Batman, Guardians of The Galaxy& Nekki's Shadow Fight 2& special edition.... These are the tested games which are not running full screen
  • please do something about this

  • ColorSageColorSage Level 3
    edited September 2019

    It's devs fault for not supporting other sceen ratios than 16:9. You can already try to stretch and some apps look OK, while others are ugly. Ask Telltale (if you can :p) and others to fix their games. Not Asus

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