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Hello everyone, I ask for the zenfone 6 (zs630kl) firmware version 189 if it were possible to inhibit the facial unlocking when the phone is resting on a flat surface to prevent the flip camera from starting automatically and breaking due to the rotation impediment.


  • For face unlock you need to actively "swipe up" on the lock screen to activate it. Meaning you can turn on the screen while it is on the table for a quick glance.
  • if I leave the zenfone 6 on the table with the flip camera closed when I scroll on the screen, the facial recognition is activated which makes the flip camera move, hence being on the table the flip camera cannot rotate and may be damaged. you should tell the phone that when it is on the table it should not give the possibility to rotate the flip camera
  • We have already done this in the latest FW. The camera won't flip up when you unlock your phone if it's laying on a table
  • in the 189 version on my zenfone 6 the flip camera is always activated
  • sorry, but in Italy the last one is still 189
  • perfect thanks.
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