Anyone's 6z crashes or restarts

edited September 2020 in ZenFone 6
Hello my 6z keeps restarting after usage of sometimes. It kept happening since the last update. What may be the reason ? Anyone help ?? Have put lot of trust on this fone 


  • It happened to me too and it's been 1 month since i gave my phone twice to the service center and they have returned the phone in a bad condition... completely lost faith in asus
  • I went to asus service centre they said it maybe due to FOTA update which was not installed properly. I believed and this guy installed firmware and told me to analyse the device for 2 days. Unfortunately it got restarted the day itself. From all this threads i guess it would be motherboard issue. But i dont understand why this happens. My guess after heavy usage its getting heaten up and restarting. Anyways worst decision i ever made. I am at service centre only trying to update another firmware one more time. Dear Asus you should have your manners. 
  • I'm sorry, this happened to you. Where was this ASUS Service Center you visited?
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