Asus ZE553KL(ZenFone3 Zoom) Z01HDA Update security

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Please tel mee 
Will appear in future new Update security patch ?   to ZE553KL


  • haha, Asus had not supportted this device so this will have no new update in the future

  • Aryan202Aryan202 Level 5
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    Asus generally supports it's phones for 2yrs (basically two major android upgrades)

    Zenfone 3 got 2 major updates(Marshmallow to Nougat then Nougat to Oreo) and 2yrs of security patches (Asus gave what they promised)

    It's highly unlikely it'll get any update/software patches now

    But personally I think they should atleast provide 3major android updates + patches (like one plus does)

    But still let's consider the fact that almost every OEM (all the major ones ) provide two major updates only (one plus is a exception here)

    Asus as a smartphone OEM really transformed in 2019 they for the first time are taking their mobile division seriously (two innovative smartphones like Zenfone 6 and top of the class Rog 2 proves that also their update cycle really improved)

    Hope if not 3 major android updates atleast 2+yrs of patches would be appreciated

    I own a 5z looking forward to the Zenfone 7,Its one of the phones I'm considering upgrading to in 2020.

    Cheers :D

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