Night light and Splendid issue

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Really loving this phone so far, but has anyone else experienced an issue where turning on Night Light reverts the color setting in Splendid to the Wide Color Gamut setting? Currently I use the Standard color setting with Night Light set to turn on at sunset. When this occurs, the colors seem to become very oversaturated leading me to believe the color setting is being changed to Wide Color Gamut. I can't actually verify this is the case as this is purely based on what I am seeing. This effect seems to occur regardless of whether Night Light is turned on manually or scheduled. 

EDIT: Did some testing with the Customized color setting in Splendid by setting the saturation to 0 (black and white). Turning on Night Light immediately brings back oversaturated color, leading me to believe that Night Light is indeed switching the color setting in Splendid to Wide Color Gamut. 


  • When the phone goes back to Standard during the daytime, does the display still appear oversaturated? Or has it reverted to your original intended settings?
  • When set to automatically turn on Night Light at sunset and off at sunrise, the picture mode appears to be stuck on Wide Color Gamut (oversaturated) which I'm guessing is the default picture mode, even though the setting shows Standard. I have to either hit the reset to default button or flip it back and forth between Wide Color Gamut and Standard for it to correctly apply the Standard picture mode. Interestingly, this specific behavior of being stuck seems to occur when set to a schedule. Manually toggling Night Light does appear to cause the picture mode to switch back to the last set mode. 
  • Interesting. I'll make a note of this and send it to the engineers. Thank you for the detailed troubleshooting!
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