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Anybody from Mumbai not getting volte on Airtel? Raised an issue with airtel but need to check if its software specific or operator issue.


  • Not getting VOLTE on Airtel in moga, punjab
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    Airtel Volte on this phone works in Delhi. I didn't personally checked it but one of YouTube reviewer GeekyRanjeet said in his video Airtel Volte worked when he was in Delhi but did not work in Hyderabad. Here's the video link @0:30

  • For me Airtel Volte works fine in my Delhi SIM
  • seems like Airtel issue... mods could you confirm if its enabled from asus side as i do not see 6z in the device list on Airtel website. 
  • We're still trying to get the answer from the right people internally. I will reply you when I know. 
  • In order to find out what is wrong, I need your help to tell me which phone models that you know works with VoLTE in Moga, Punjab and Hyderabad
  • For me, A Nokia 6 works with volte. My parents have iPhone 6 so I don't know about those phones. 
  • I am able to use Volte in Mumbai & Thane.
  • hey guys just to update you all i got Airtel Volte on my 6z.
    Airtel Volte is not officially supported on 6z yet but there is a way around.
    You need a device that supports Airtel Volte i had one such device.
    Put your 4g sim airtel sim in that device and you should get Volte( keep it for atleast 1hr in that device if not getting volte)
    Remove sim and put it in 6z and voila! Volte is there in 6z. Below is the screenshot

  • Ask Airtel to enable VoLTE on your number. I was not getting Volte on Vodafone as Asus 6z is not on Vodafone volte supported phone list so i mailed Vodafone and requested to enable VoLTE on my phone and they enabled it instantly.

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