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  • kikoly said:
    Have you adjusted the splendid mode? This issue is caused by the new version of google photo album. It is recommended that you adjust splendid back to standard.
    Thanks. Problem fixed . 
  • Update to the latest version This issue has been fixed now.
    Okay, so apparently the issue has appeared again. It worked fine for somewhile but the problem is still very much there.
  • This bug has affected several manufacturers and Google know about this. It will be fixed.
  • Resolved . Thanks 
  • _jis__jis_ Level 5
    _jis_ said:
    I am using Wide Color Gamut, but didn't have problem with brightness increasing and decreasing when browsing and zooming in photos. I can switch from Wide Color Gamut to Standard mode and back and still have no problem at all. I wonder what is the trigger of this issue.

    I know why I was immune against this issue, because I sometimes use Color Inversion.
    See this post:
  • Issue finally resolved in version
  • CH_ASUSCH_ASUS admin
    edited August 2019
    There are tons of reports online from a wide variety of phone models. The issues happens within Google's updates to Photos app and Wide Color Gamut.

    As already pointed out, please update your Google Photos App.

    As this problem is well known, and Google has issued updates to their app - we'll lock this thread as I believe it has already been answered quite well.
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