Zenfone6 main camera focus issue



  • It works fine for me try resetting the data of application

  • No, no, not at all.

    I've just received it last week by the ASUS Support Center once they didn't have resolution repair for my Zenfone3 Deluxe. They proposed me a new phone (the current i'm using) so i'm still learning it ... and i think this camera is not fully working.

    I already talked to Support Center and they're going to pick up to repair :(

  • Hi guys,

    Just to give you the feedback!

    Look who returned today and with the focus fixed 😁


    Thank you all for the support and feedbacks!


  • frizzenfrizzen Level 1

    First photo is the one take a bit far, even tap on the screen to re-focus does not help, still blur; while second photo is much nearer, the photo is much sharper. I have also try to manually adjust the focus by using pro mode, the issue still persists.

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