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When in use flash to click pictures at night time, there is a line coming in pictures on the right side of the picture. Is this is a software problem or a physical problem. Can you solve it?


  • Is there a lens protector?            
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    Or back rugged cover / case? Try your ZF6 without it.
  • No, guys I'm not using any lens protector. I'm using the case came in the box. I tried clicking pictures without case but same results appeared. Do I need to visit ASUS service centre for repair ? Help me out. Thanq for your response ?
  • Guys I just come to know that, when I click pictures using flash in a very dark space there is no presence of that line. When I focus some object far away with some light then the line appears in the picture. I just tried clicking a picture of wall in dark room using flash and  I clicked a picture of a building from my balcony then the line appears in the picture. I will add the pictures just check those. Waiting for your response. Thanq ? 
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    Can you test that same picture of the building in Wide Angle mode? I'd also like to see what your camera module looks like. Could you take a picture of the camera lens itself, preferably with no flash? And you don't see this line when taking pictures in full daylight?
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    No, the line don't come in pictures when I click in daylight. This problem comes when I use flash at night specifically when there is light body in the frame.  Picture of camera
  • Thank you for the picture of the camera. I'd still like to see what a low light wide angle shot with the flash looks like with that apartment building shot, if you can recreate it. For that apartment shot, the original is the Main camera with flash, correct? A Wide Angle with flash would be a good comparison.
  • Yes , MR.LP The line was not coming in pictures in wide angle mode. Is this a software problem or physical problem ?
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