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Asus 6Z, in call settings there is option ' vibrate when answered ' . I enabled it. But when I call some one, even the opposite side person answered, there is no vibration alert for me.
Is it any software bug. ????


  • Could be a bug but first I need to ask if you tried calling another phone that you have so you know when the call is answered? The vibration is quite subtle and easy to miss. If this is the case, then I can ask if we can make it longer.
  • Yes, I tried that also. No vibration at all, not even subtle as you mentioned. Only by seeing, time count after answering able to know, call attended. If it's bug or any improvements needed, I hope you guys can do so.

    Thanks for prompt reply
  • Exactly same problem here. I think the issue is there when we use in single sim mode only. Vibration happens in dual sim it seems. Must be a software bug, hoping for an update soon.

  • Hi... Regarding vibrate when answered issue, if we enable touch vibration option in sound settings menu, then the vibration when answered option works for all the answered call in both the SIM card.

    But, majority don't like to enable touch vibration and other system vibration option.

    So, I feel that it should be a independent function.

  • My phone vibrates on answered calls regardless if I have touch vibration enabled or not

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