Asus Z6 dead in just 5 days!

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bought a brand new asus z6 and after 5 days its dead . NOT turning on hard reset...over heating while charging...Is this your flagship z6?


  • @Anders_ASUS Dude there's definitely a lot more than what you guys counted

  • @imrancooldude1986 Dude just return the phone right goddamn now and get a replacement. I just can't stress this enough but you need to do it before 10 day period is over or you will regret it man. Just send it back and get a replacement otherwise there will be no other option than repair. Just do it, Please for god's sake.
  • Guys ...I have purchases Asus 6z on July 17 ....Due to crashing i have done 3 times factory reset and 3 times booted to safe mode.. Even then also the problem persists then I thought of visiting a service centre....He gave me with a earlier update....Again I updated to the August firmware.....Still I am facing the issue....I am a fan of Asus from couple of years....But this phone makes me regret.....
  • At the time when I counted, there were about 10 people in this forum. I did not say they were not others or that there could not appear more but there is no way of knowing if this is the same defect or just random bad luck. It's is not uncommon to any brand that a device can stop working shortly after purchase and this is why there is "normally" a special warranty within 7-10 days so I agree that it needs to be reported right away.
  • bought a brand new asus z6 and after 5 days its dead . NOT turning on hard reset...over heating while charging...Is this your flagship z6?
    dude better go for replacement or refund as soon as possible, if you dont want any troubles  
  • Same has happened with me. I bought the phone three weeks ago, and five days back it surprisingly crashed and then never turned on. As suggested in this forum i took the phone very next day to service center and from that day, my days of disappointment has started. Five days passed and even today service center are only just to wait for five more days before they can even tell me what has happened to my phone forget about repairing.
    Been a user of Oneplus of last four years, it is shocking to see such a miserable product and service for their flagship customers. I am trying to collect the users information now who have faced the same issue to send a collective legal notice to Asus India. Since my endless complaints to their customer care have only gone to vain. I am also in the process to share my experience with Times Internet since my wife works in there.

  • I echo the same pathetic experience with Asus 6Z mobile. I also bought this phone Asus 6Z thru Flipkart and it was delivered on 25 Dec 2019. By 27 Dec it prompted me and updated to Android 10. It ran well till 7-8 Jan 2020 but after that started randomly crashing and finally went dead by 24 Jan 2020. I am not at all into gaming and use only limited standard apps and take very good care of my devices. My HTC OneM8 is still giving me superb service after 3.5 years only its battery is getting weak and hence I bought this phone. It is so frustrating and disappointing that Asus is cheating the customers with such poor quality products. Asus advertises 6Z to be their premium flagship phone and this is what trash Customers get for their hard earned money. I have given my phone to their Gurgaon authorized service centre (F1Info Solutions) for repair and still awaiting diagnosis. I am open to take this issue to Consumer court for such terrible cheating. A new premium phone is dead in less than a month and awaiting repair!!! Asus should immediately replace it with a new phone and stop selling such poor quality products which destroys Consumer's data, time, resources and takes them thru HELL!! If I don't get back my phone in new condition for which I paid my hard earned money, I will never buy any Asus product in my life and also broadcast my horrible experience in social media for others to be safe.

  • What was the final outcome from the Service centre...did your phone get repaired as per your satisfaction??

  • My phone died all of the sudden after 7 months of light use. ZF6 is like a bomb with a random fuse. It will die you just don't know when and why :(

  • Did anyone file petiiton for the it ?

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