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When r we getting next os update on Zenfone 5z?
Why does it feel like Asus has disowned their phone after releasing it.


  • Don't worry we will be getting one, I would rather not want any update at all. After all they are just providing security updates and not fixing anything else or changing anything in addition to that we are getting more bugs with more updates. I would rather wait instead of getting the same and more buggy software without fixing previous bugs.
    I've heard that with the Q update we'll be getting the ZenUI 6. Hope that they'll fix everything then.
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  • Doesn't feel like they've disowned it. We got pie and been consistently getting updates at least every 2 months. We are getting Q as well. Not sure what your problem is
  • My problem is i am not getting the audio experience on this phone that i used to get when i purchased the phone. I have done factory reset and everything, nothing works, the audio setting is conflicting with intune enrollment on my phone, i updated my phone yesterday, still the new update did not fox it. Doesn't feel like i m using flagship phone anymore. Disgusting
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