Arcore for 5z

gyanudon13gyanudon13 Level 2
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Pls add arcore support in zenfone 5z as oneplus probides it in very old devices lile oneplus 3t


  • We've requested for arcore for quite a long time but until now arcore haven't come to zenfone 5 or 5z yet so i don't think they will add arcore to the zenfone 5 or 5z in the future.
  • Well then its time to switch to k20pro?
  • I don't understand why they are abandoning their customers so quickly
  • Can we get an explanation for not getting ARcore support on Zenfone 5 and 5Z?
  • Kyle7Kyle7 Level 1
    Their excuse this time would be that they main priority is not that and is to create a more stock experience. However, Asus did you know?
    OnePlus also has a similar to stock experience yet provides the feature
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