Problem on call receiving

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When I receive any call  can not  open any other app or page
And can not reject will sms sending . Only can accept or reject call


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    Calling screen won't let me to go back to any other app while the phone is ringing
  • Same here .. While using the same app, sometimes incoming call window is full screen, sometimes shows as a notification.. It's very annoying 
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    I can not open notification panel when calling or receive a call
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    Please answer me
  • @Moosa the stock calling screen app is really weird, it behaves completely different from every other smartphone brand. Only thing I like about the app is, it shows full screen caller picture. 
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    I can not reject  received call with sms .
  • The incoming call will behave differently depending on what kind of app you are using and in what mode. Let's take youtube as an example. In portrait mode, you will get the full screen caller window and in landscape mode, you will get the notification caller window. This is not controlled by ASUS. It's standard stock android behavior.
    You can reject calls with a SMS. It is in the bottom of the full screen caller window. If you get the notification caller window first, then you need to click i (in the white area) to get the full screen. I must admit that it is a bit tricky to swipe up the SMS reply some times so give it a couple of tries. This is the stock caller window so it is controlled by Google.
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