New update solved my problem but.....

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This new update has cleared the bugs i was facing. Thankyou asus but i dont know why i am feeling that after this update the speaker loudness has gone down a bit specially the earpiece i i think or maybe the maine one too. I used to get much better stereo effect before. Also one more thing is sometimes when I  use youtube in pip mode it doesn't work properly. These problems are still buggy. I an totally cool with these probelems. But still if anyone from asus is there please reply about the speaker thing? Also is anyone feeling the same with speaker?


  • We're still working on the speaker software improvement
  • We're still working on the speaker software improvement
    Yes , there's difference in loudness levels via inbuilt speakers. Earlier low mids & low frequency response were way better than it's now. It would be appreciated if Asus team improves it further. 
    All the best !
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