screen on time refuced after latest fota

mak.mahesh786mak.mahesh786 Level 2
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earlier i used to grt screen on time around 10 hours but aftrr latest fota i am getting only around 5 to 6 hours


  • Yes Even My Battery got reduced screen time and can be clearly demonstrated.Asus answer us.
  • what is your battery life with the latest WW-16.1220.1906.167 firmware?
  • KameshKamesh Level 2
    edited July 2019
    Now getting 6hrs sot while previously i used to get 7and half .
  • Guys. You should collect some clear data regarding it. can be used accubattery or another 3rd party app.  Not much change for me after update with same habits even a bit better.  But Update may change some your settings on powermaster.(auto restart, power modes etc) i suggest you check it there.
  • SaranSaran Level 2
    I can see this too, screen on time is greatly reduced after latest update 
  • I have asked our software developers if they know anything about this and will get back to you
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