Camera hangs

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Camera gets blank or hang for sometime while opening if you have selected micro sd storage for your camera..
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  • @kikoly have answer for this also? 
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    @kikoly have answer for this also? 
    This situation is generally recommended to "Apps&notifications">"App info">"Camera">"Storage&memory" Clear data ane Clear cache, or Camera app restore default settings. Can you replace the memory card and try again?
  • I'm facing this issue very frequently that camera hangs and then also loses the recorded video or the clicked picture and then you have to redo the whole thing. The SD card I'm using is easily capable of handling any such tasks as it's UHS grade 3 card from samsung and is smoothly giving me 90+ MBPS file transfer speed. This is a software glitch, so fix it as it's very annoying and hinders in important tasks.

    Asus 6z (Zenfone 6)


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