No option to delete all message

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There is no feature to delete all my conversation in the default messaging application. Please fix it.
FYI: I'm from India.


  • that's Google problem not asus's as it belongs to Google 
  • But this is something we can enhance it right. If possible, then advise developers to fix it, since it is highly required option. 
  • Anders_ASUSAnders_ASUS Level 6
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    It's possible to delete several conversations at once by holding your finger on one of the conversations. Once it is marked, you can easily mark every conversation with a simple touch and then the garbage can for delete.
  • i think he is not talking about conversation thread but single messages in any conversation, while holding one sms, it gets selected but as soon as we touch other message to select it also, both messages gets unselected.
  • maybe that's what he meant but he did also say ALL messages so then he can simply just delete the whole thread. It's a quite weird unusual scenario where you want to delete A LOT of messages but not ALL messages in a conversion.
  • We are using Google's Messenger app and have not loaded our own SMS/messaging app. As such, we can pass your feedback to Google as a general request - but changing the app and its functionality is outside of our control.

    As to the decision whether or not we should pre-install and develop our own ASUS SMS app, we are so far deciding against this - as we want to stay close to stock Android and add function where we see it best being used instead of everywhere for the sake of changing it.

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