Limitless Gaming but Lag at Gaming

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Hi everyone
I have a very very big problem at Asus Zenfone Max Pro M1
It lag when play Free Fire
Playing Smooth or Ultra Graphic feel same
At smooth it didn't reach playable frame rate
At ultra graphic with High Frame enabled it give higher frame rate but when get to the zone. The frame drop is really make player frustrated

If you say its the game problem you wrong
Xiaomi redmi note 6 with same SoC doesn't lag 
And vivo with Snapdragon 439 too...
And you know Samsung Galaxy S4 set at Smooth graphic has a better frame rate than Zenfone Max Pro M1

Please Fix This problem.
Boost or add something too increase the gaming experience...
Asus say this phone is limitless Gaming...
Yeah at battery but don't at the gameplay
Don't focus to optimized PUBGM only
Another games need to
AoV cannot Set To High Frame Rate setting
Free Fire Lag at all Graphic setting?
What's Next?
Please fix this problem at next update


  • Have you always had this performance issue? Are you seeing it in other similar games?
  • GerGer Level 1
    Have you always had this performance issue? Are you seeing it in other similar games?
    Yeah... but Not just me there is a lot of players has the problem
    Just go to the Zenfone Max Pro M1 Indonesia at Facebook and you can see many Question about this problem.
    At the forum they say " Why PUBGM can set On High without any lag, but When play Free Fire at Smooth graphic it lag,  PUBG size is 2Gb and Free Fire Just 800Mb, Motion and Texture PUBG is more realistic but why Free Fire Lag?"

    I think Just PUBGM running normally...
    And Free Fire totally lagging... AoV just missing the High Frame Rate setting
  • GerGer Level 1
    And 1 more thing problem is the multitasking 
    If you accidentally back to home/ click recent app and switch to another app...
    It will close the previous App
    So when I playing game and accidentally click home/ switch to another app because notification it will kill the game.
    So the performance issues are big here
    -Lag at Gaming
    -Poor Multitasking
    That's the major problem for Gamer
    So please fix that
  • Since you claim its a know issue, I will check internally if there's any more information about this and get back to you.
  • GerGer Level 1
    Ok, Thank you... ?
    And 1 another information
     I'm using 3/32 gb variant so... Maybe the Multitasking problem just at that variant.
    And Performance Issues came to all variant because all player from 3/32 to 6/64 has the same problem
    I'm waiting for your next information...
    Thanks ??

  • Oh! my god..! Lag problem .....when I play free fire game. I hate the new q stable update... too much lag problem please fix the problem.. please ... device asus zenfone max pro m1 6gb gamer experience in asus.

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