My phone is dead and I tried to push power + volume down I got led on

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  2. Firmware Version:
  3. Rooted or not:
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  • Please help me to find out whats wrong 
    My screen is black while led light is on and i put to charge and nothing
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    I had the same problem for my Zenfone 5z. I was watching a YouTube video on my phone and suddenly my phone screen turned blue, phone beeped and went dead. I tried every troubleshooting step that customer support told me to do. Nothing worked. I had to send my phone to service repair. The RMA will take more than a week. This incident is going to ruin my July 4th vacation. I'm stuck with my old HTC phone for more than a week. I'm a little bit angry at the Asus Zenfone product.
  • Dear eddy 
    Hope u will get it fixd before 4th july. Happy vacation 
    The problem that i used my phone for only 1 week then this happened
  • Thanks Kazamel! I hope your problem gets resolved soon.
    @CH_ASUS ? No response from you guys?
  • Thanks for your wishes
    My problem is developing now my phone started but keep rebooting once i got chance to reset the whole phone i did but unfortunatelly its still restarting 

    Anyway guess ur vacation starts today so good luck
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