Zenfone 5Z audio/ game mode/ playstore/ battery issues

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Model: ZS620KL
FW: WW- (pie)
RAM/ROM: 4/ 64gb
First of all, that some of related issues below do not happen all the time, but they are very inconvenient and I'd like to get it straight for the community. :3 
1. Some times I can notice some audio distortions while playing (trhough wifi and data mobile) games, streaming videos from Youtube, Facebook, Netflix, etc. I didn't notice that same problem through in web browser Google Chrome.
2. Game Genie is "crazy" after some minutes in game. I block notifications while I'm in game and a few moments later it disable it automatically without any reason. I always turn off navigation bar during the game time and then it turn on again. Sometimes it just "disappear" and It's like I even had activated before gaming.
3. Some times Playstore do not download apps and even though It's caused by cache corruption this issue very often ocurrs in Zenfone devices and I can say that without any fear since I've used Asus smatphones since 2014. It barely happened in others devices I've used, but they aren't my concern.
4. I know that battery consuming is personally proportional with apps that each of us use the most, but It's time to review the AI about that. Even when turn it off there's no strong influence from AI battery consuming energy.
*I've already cleaned cache/ reset/ hard reset my Z5z and there's no difference. 
**According to "calc. tests" It's all okay with it. :# 
***My phone do not overheating while each issue occurs. <3 
Again: I'm not facing that issues all the time! What do you think? Does someone else got the same problem over there?? :# 


  • Hi William, is it possible for you to make a bug report for each of these issues and send them to me as a private message?
    To generate a bug report you need to
    1. Enable developer mode by going to system --> about phone --> software information and click on build number a couple of times until you are a developer.
    2. Go back to system --> Developer options --> Take bug report --> interactive report
    Save the report to your drive and share the link with me via PM. Please make sure that everyone with the link can view the file so I can pass it on to our developers.
  • I'd like to do this right know, but evenwhen I turn on develpers mode my system become crazy and I always start to facing crashes and instabilities even if I do not change any default setting until I perform a hard reset to restore the entire system. I can't do this again. I'm using Zenfone 5Z for 1 month only and after 3 updates on pie and I had to reset my phone 3 times after each of it to solve problems. The last one was everything beautiful and shiny and only every and then that issues came to the surface.
  • When will we have the next update for 5Z?
  • We haven't officially announced any information on our future update plans for 5Z at this moment so I can't tell you
  • We haven't officially announced any information on our future update plans for 5Z at this moment so I can't tell you
    But we haven't had native in-built apps updates; we haven't had upgrades in wifi and sim card signal stability; we didn't receive battery fix, camera issues, not at all. When we get updates, with a big emphasis on "when", well we have security patches, minimal improvements in ome thing or another but nothing is describing bugs that we've reported, so why for god's sake we're still reporting bugs to Asus support? for what's is worth we'd like to have more that atention. We need care! I've using Asus products for years in a row and i only get always the same promisses, I'm always having the same talk, but anybody shows up and solve my problems. That one costs more than R$2,100.00 in Brazil... to have such a fairy tale.
  • I'm not angry, my just dissappointed to feel I am my own device support to solve my devices issues.
  • Today my camera finally stated to ''burn'' my photos. Wide camera failure and my bugs still continues. I'm so happy now. Thanks Asus.
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