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After updating my phone to ''Pie" the sound of my alarm does not turn off it continues to beep and I still have to restart my phone in order to stop the sound. 


  • Could you please supply us with your model and FW version?
    It will also make it a lot easier if you can share your bug report with us. Generate it right after the alarm has started and you're unable to stop it.
    To generate a bug report you need to
    1. Enable developer mode by going to system --> about phone --> software information and click on build number a couple of times until you are a developer.
    2. Go back to system --> Developer options --> Take bug report --> interactive report
    Save the report to your drive and share the link with us via PM. Please make sure that everyone with the link can view the file so I can pass it on to our developers.
  • Good to see that Asus has incorporated the ability to send bug reports for issues!
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