Reverse charging pop up

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I am seeking for help can someone tell me how I can turn this reverse charging off'?it doesn't let me use my divise properly my divise is Asus max pro m1 


  • Have you checked in the in the notification drop down menu under "Android System" if you can change the USB to something else like transfer files?
  • Nothing changed same notification occured while doing anything...battery is not charging when using for long..after rebooting my phone it getting charge..please help me to get rid from this...

  • Can asus help on this this is really annoying and going to tweet

  • Reverse charging pop up and mobile not charging..plz help

  • Pls help Reversed charging pop up bettry not charge

  • If this message pops up even if you're not connected to a cable, then it's most likely a hardware issue

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