92% Battery life with 2 hours left

I have had my phone one day now I had to charge it 4 times now. I have only play about 45 mins of games all up most of my time was YouTube,google or Spotify it drains so fast. my setting is every thing is on medium my 5G is turn off I don't know what to do is there a fix for battery drain.


  • Hi, may i know the firmware version running on your phone and also what model of phone it is.

    Mine is Rog 5s pro and running on latest 31.0810.1226.139.

    The battery life is somewhat better than yours but not that great. It is giving about 4hrs of screen time. The battery is new and also the motherboard. (10 days old).

  • My phone is Rog 5 and running latest update date 31.0810.1226.139 android 12

  • How much of the screen time are you able to get?. I get around 4hrs of screen time in which I play pubg for about 2 1/2 hrs without using xmode.

  • I play one match of cod mobile about about 10 mins it from 100% to 89% with on median graphics 60 Hz

  • I think this is probably caused by the fact that the ribbon cable connecting both batteries is ripped and u essentially run only on 1 battery instead of 2.

  • Mostly likely I don't I'm see if I can get a refund

  • @Danoisblunt

    Unlikely, the load balancing and other values are transmitted through the cable, the battery firmware should prevent the phone from starting, or prohibit charging if there is only one battery signal.


    The 5 series has been discontinued for a long time, difficult to find it new, it is new, refurbished, used?

    At this level of autonomy (2h), the current google play bug or the calibration of the battery cannot be the only cause, 2000mAh of consumption would cause the temperature of the phone to explode. Difficult to make a diagnosis with this single well linear graph, on a battery at the end of its life, the graph will suddenly drop from 70-50 to 0.

    Test the battery with the calculator code +12345= but hey, it would be wiser to ask for a refund.

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    Hi, can you tell me if this is okay for a new battery. It was replaced 10 days ago along with the motherboard and I constantly get just 3-4 hrs of SOT.

    Any suggestion would be helpful.

  • @vamsikrisna 

    Do you mean by "Motherboard and new battery (10 days)" that it comes from a service center?

    You are missing 20-25% of the capacity of a new battery, without a usb tester to measure the real capacity, you can try to install "3C battery Manager" it seems quite reliable and recognizes the 2 batteries well, I I installed 3 times and compared with my usb tester and it gives the same capacity at +-100 mA

    If it gives you a value close to 5500 the battery is new and there will be an application involved, otherwise the battery has not been replaced

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    Thanks for the reply. I checked with USB tester and 0%-100% got only 2811 mAh.

    Will install 3c Battery. I am going to give to the service centre again anyway because the rear touch slide is not working after the repair. Any suggestions? Don't know if anybody has the problem with their rear touch pad. I am using Battery guru app. It continuously shows that battery is bad. Is it reliable app?

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