Zenbook 14 UX3402ZA - Missing Number Pad 2.0

So yesterday I purchased a ASUS Zenbook 14 UX3402ZA 14" Laptop – Intel® Core™ i7, 1 TB SSD, Blue, from Curry’s (UK Appliance store) which was all fine and well until I collected it today. On the photos on the website of the product (both i5/i7) versions are shown with the Asus numpad on the track pad. When I watched videos and done my research on this laptop prior to purchasing, ever model including the exact same as mine had this feature. I unboxed this laptop today and there’s no buttons on the trackpad that enable the light up numpad on it. This is very frustrating as it was a reason I purchased it as I need a small laptop but with numpad functionally to some degree. Makes zero sense why an i7 model £1300 laptop doesn’t have this feature despite being advertised with it, then lower spec models of other smaller zen books do have this?

I’ll definitely be returning but want the exact same laptop just with this feature. I also did not get the other cables or laptop sleeve included when I purchased, despite again having watched others be unboxed, it came with this. Very poor for a high spec and expensive laptop. I’m not sure if this is something UK specific or Curry’s specific. Any advice would be appreciated, and if anyone else has had this issue before.

Many Thanks


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