Why dont Asus recall ROG5 like Samsung did with Note series

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Asus ROG5,Motherboard issues after update which affect wifi and hotspot errors with many users reporting their device as dead after recent updates.Since it is a manufacturing defect in good faith and to gain customers trust Asus should recall ROG5 and refund for the faulty product.People should not be forced to go to consumer courts.The least they can do is acknowledge the issue.I am a competitive COD player and I made sure all my teammates purchase Apple Iphone instead of this faulty product.Asus is losing customers because of the poor service and product quality.I hope everyone recommend their friends and family to not purchase Asus products to teach Asus how cheating customers will affect them in the days to come.Karma is real


  • Invalid comparison, there was a risk on the physical integrity or the life of Samsung Note users, it is a money loss problem for ROG5 users.

    Samsung did not recall their SOC 888 Smartphones, firmware significantly reduced speed, like ASUS.

    For the WIFI problem on 888, the only user-friendly manufacturer is Xiaomi, which has offered multiple choices to users. (even for users who had wifi still ok)

    -Recall and refund of the product.

    -Exchange of the product, certainly with a TSMC SOC because there have been no other WIFI breaks

    -Keep the product but with an extended warranty and free exchange if it breaks even after 2 years.

    For this problem, ASUS generously offers to have it repaired when it is under warranty, to send an estimate that approaches the amount of a new device when it is no longer under warranty.

    In both cases, the new motherboard will present the same problem soon after.

    And to top it off, openly mocks users by advising them to follow the steps of a sensible FAQ to solve this WIFI problem, a useless operation that we have known for 16 months.

  • U dont have to only recall a device when it has physical integrity issues.U can recall the device when it has manufaturing defects as well.It doesnt have to blow in peoples hands or something.A defective piece should be recalled period.Its a no brainer that Asus chose to ignore the customers and take them for a ride with their pathetic after sale service.Not going to recommend Asus to anyone from now.Hope China takes control over Taiwan and nationalise this junk company or force merge it into xaomi or something.

  • I go further, I do not recommend and above all I advise against all ASUS products, it does not only concern family and friends but more than 500 employees in my profession.

    I also apply it to myself, I have just set up 2 new PCs, I still have 4 to upgrade and a future dynamic setup, all will be done without ASUS hardware.

    Bugs (so much time) are hard to swallow, a series of defective devices can happen to any manufacturer but the attitude of ASUS towards aggrieved users is just unacceptable

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