No wifi calling ??

Is ROG phone 6d support wifi calling ? Cause I'm not able to find wifi calling option while my Telco has activated the service . Any one can help ?


  • VoLTE active, amazing, you are privileged

    Ha these users, it's always like that, we give a finger, they want the arm

    Joking aside, VoLTE and VoWifi are the 2 plagues of ASUS phones but they are also 2 separate services, an operator can be VoLTE compatible but not offer VoWifi.

    The indication of your operator and country is essential, Telco is an abbreviation for operator (in this case specify the Name excat and the country) or is it the Telco IO operator of the meeting or Mayotte?

  • Actually before I'm using Asus phone , I can use both service and I'm not able to use wifi until after I change to Asus .

    I quite disagree that u mentioned operator are only able to offer either vowifi or volte .

    Btw I'm currently using Malaysia Telco named Umobile . They support almost all the latest android12 with both volte and vowifi.

    The problem is Asus setting was not update . Hopefully next update of firmware will make the changes

  • FYI . This is the screen shot from ROG5 where the wifi calling is supported

  • @thianhock

    No info needed, I'll take your word for it, unfortunately with ASUS it's a lottery with each new smartphone and new firmware, there is no VolTE for the majority of operators and when it worked on a ROG3 it didn't is no longer the case on a 5 or a 6

    Have you tried sending this SMS to Umobile and if it still doesn't work, wait until Monday and tag a moderator

    If this happens, please SMS < WIFICALLING ON > to 28118 to activate the service.

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