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  • Sent a lenghty comment with tons of links to showcase how awful the security of apple is, mod will eventually unlock it I think.

    The fact you think a pixel only issue is a problem that has been fixed within days vs apples insane security blunders over the years is beyond me. Unlocking apple phones is easy and showcasing you how people have installed a literal stealth malware on your phone without physical access should maybe wake you up a bit.

  • I'll try cutting it up since from experience sometimes mods never really get to "unlock comments":

    This is a thing on apple phones since years.

    Also your article only affects pixel phones. So yeah, tried on a samsung, my rog and razer, none of which would allow me to unlock the phone. Seems even on the article people noted that its only a pixel thing on the comment section.

    So yeah, if you think thats scary, which was fixed within days of discovery, then how do you feel about your soon to be new flashy apple device that won't get fixed after months or years and once it does get fixed there will be a new way to open it because apple couldnt give less of a sht about their customers. Not to mention the fact that they datamine like mad and unlike google lie to you and make it impossible for your to turn it off.

    Just little under 3 years late for a literal stealth malware planted inside an apple phone without physical access to it.

    But hey, lets panic about pixel phones having a vulnurability that has been adressed within 3 days.

  • forbes(dot)com/sites/thomasbrewster/2018/11/21/exclusive-saudi-dissidents-hit-with-stealth-iphone-spyware-before-khashoggis-murder

    Stealth malware that you could install without physical access via imessage that you would never notice, has been a thing since at the very least 3 years. Go apple.

  • Not gonna post same amount of vids of how to unlock the Iphone on this post as it might get "waiting for approval" again, but I think these 2 should give you a pretty good idea, how its been a thing for a very very long time:

    6Years ago.


    You can watch more videos, they usually use clock, calc, siri or camera to exploit their ways into your phone without password. Apple is way to incompetent to fix it, the calc thing has been unlocking the Iphone multiple times btw, different numbers based on IOS version but the fact apple lets the calc write into memory is borderline idiotic.

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    I'm trying to work now but I will check it out

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