ROG Phone 6 "repair" on a brand new phone

I purchased an ROG phone 6 on the 29th of October. Barely a week using it, stock condition, no root, latest firmware, the camera and fingerprint reader starts to malfunction. (Unable to read fingerprints nor start the camera)

I brought it to the local service center in Singapore and they said a motherboard replacement was required.

For a brand spanking new premium phone at more than $1k, would it not be reasonable for it to be completely replaced than to be repaired?

Surely the opening and changing of parts within will affect the ultimate longevity and quality of the product.

As such, I would not recommend this product at all based on this experience.


  • "Surely the opening and changing of parts within will affect the ultimate longevity and quality of the product."

    Lol, A week of use and you think it could be worse :), and unfortunately you're right.

    In your misfortune you are lucky, your ROG6 did not give you time to suffer the other bugs Wifi, mobile, audio, restart ....

    Demand a refund and go elsewhere, get an idea of the number of problems awaiting you by consulting the messages in this Rog6 section

    I don't know about consumer protection in your country, what is certain is that it is a defect that affects many new Rog6s and not a software bug and should be treated by ASUS by replacing or refunding the hardware.

    This post to help you

  • Seems like I am beating a dead horse. But having said that my ROG 2 was fine and the reason I thought the 6 would be worth buying.

    Hopefully Asus can redeem themselves from this disappointing experience.

  • That's what everyone was hoping for after what was believed to be the worst smartphone ever, namely the Rog 5. Asus proved to us that it could do even worse with the ROG 6

  • I do not understand something, why you all buy this phone and then complain about it? Buy Iphone and be happy. BTW, 6 is my first ROG phone and without some software issues, that are not so bad, I'm pleased with the phone so far. I use it daily and play really hard on it, no overheating whatsoever, battery is passable. I'm not a "fanboy" but this is ridiculous, on every thread I read, only crying how bad and fragile it is, what do you use it for, as a hammer? It's a PHONE, not a tennis racket, handle it with some care or are you incapable of that? That is the end of my rant. And yes, I came here for a bug, but it was already resolved.

  • I am sick and tired explaining it over and over again to clueless consumers, so I'll let louis rossman explain it for me:

    at 8:00 min youll understand why this is a problem. On the Iphone you got touch ID / Audio IC that breaks and on the Rog5 and Rog6 by extension, the fingerprint + simcard gone. Stop being a bendgate denier, you look stupid. I know its a hard pill to swallow, you purchased a premium device, you probably are beyond the return period and it sucks to hear that your phone will most likely die/have a heavy hardware defect around the 8-16months mark, but this is the sad reality.

    @GRIDAS Also the fact you come here and are surprised that the OP is complaining about a literal defective phone after only a week of usage lets me believe you are either deluded as hell or trolling hard. Anyone in existance should be extremely upset about a defectice 1k+ phone after only a week of usage.

    @Jernyang hate to break it to you but after the Rog3 ASUS went absolute nosedive on quality control. If you can return it, do it. Not to mention your phone will literally perform worse than the next gen non gaming phones. Thanks to the gen2's huge efficiency uplift, even a budget poco will outperform the Rog6 by quite a large margin without the need of a crappy cooler attached to it.

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    Do you even have and use this phone? I use fingerscanner all the time, and no without sometimes needing to place my finger second time (but ofcourse, this is too hard for snowflakes), i see no other issues. Like I said earlier, this is my main phone and I use it heavily, and with almost no issues. You can sit and watch youtube videos and cry all you want, but reality is, as a user, phone is beast on gaming and that's what it's made for (and I'm not even using the cooler). I'm not defending ASUS, actually, I don't give a damn about them, but this snowflake attitude is what gets me.

    BTW, I used this thread to tell my opinion, because this is the most recent one, I have not said a word about OP problem at all, if you can read, ofc you can run into issues, or defects, that is not avoidable, there is no perfect device in this world, and ASUS has them too, but not as bad, as you make it seem.

  • I'm glad you have no issues with your fingerprint scanner. Good for you. I had no problems with my rog2 fingerprint either. Perhaps some people used it as a racquet, but my phone is well taken care of. Just sucks that the out of the box experience was extremely poor with the in built defects. Too bad for me and others like me then. And because of the bad experience, I would not buy again. They will only repair, won't even replace, much less consider a return... Would you recommend this experience? And I suppose it's entirely a snowflake idea that items paid for should work as intended? How silly of me...

  • just give up, there are some users here who are so deluded they will defend anything no matter how bad it is. his argument is literally, "I dont have problem, so neither do you, stop crying".

    Logical reasoning is completely lost. You're wasting ur time. Once his phone is broken and he has to repair it for cash, trust me, he will be one of the first throwing a tantrum acting all surprised while people wll remind him that he has been told it would break.

    For now, I suggest gettng it repaired and cutting ur losses by selling it, since return seems not to be an option.

  • I cannot even objectively sell it in good faith knowing the problems that it has. I guess I am also not an established corporation rehashing problematic parts for new products.

  • Tell yourself that the potential buyer will buy it anyway and even worse new, so you save him money, he will lose less than inevitably throwing his future ROG 6 in the trash😉

  • Just an update... The service center has replaced my motherboard and all is well so far.

    Hopefully something is different about this part, otherwise, it's the same s*** waiting to happen again.

  • Which repair center replaced your motherboard?

    I sent mine for repair to Czech one and they were pretty clueless. I was hoping mine would have had this mobo replacement but they just ran it through some basic troubleshooting tests

  • From the Rog5 experience I can tell you that itll be the same sht. So there will be one of these things happening:

    • fingerprint dead
    • Camera dead
    • Phone will be completely dead
    • Sim card malfunctioning

    So we will see what youll have next.

  • MT0MT0 Level 2

    Knowing asus joke phone department on always releasing a buggy update

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