Can you guys stop being greedy?

So if someone didn't know ROG Phone 3 will not receive any software updates anymore soon. Yes, the same gaming flagship that you bought with your hard-earned money and will have to throw away after just 2 years.

If it was just a normal consumer phone I wouldn't even care about how long it would have software updates. Because I know that custom ROMs are there for me. Meanwhile with ROG Phone 3 if you switch to a custom ROM you will downgrade your speakers, camera, performance, and some other things. You will lose AirTriggers, Armoury Crate, Game Genie, and all the other important features. EVEN those accessories that you bought will not work on custom ROM. Why? Because ASUS doesn't provide things that are needed for custom ROM developers to make a custom ROM without compromises.

So what choices do we have? Well...

You could just say goodbye to your phone and all the accessories you bought after just 2 years of use.

You could use a phone with outdated software and outdated security patches and put yourself at risk of being hacked. Yes, you heard that right. Your banking, in-game accounts, data, location, and everything else will be at risk.

ASUS could provide custom ROM developers with things needed for a proper custom ROM and everyone would be happy.

What about screen issues? They can be fixed but it's still present to this day.

Just stop being greedy.


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