Android 12 wifi auto connect bug.

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@ARP_ASUS This is my second post regarding.

As you can see in the video attached i connect to my main wifi, not the extended connection, within few minutes or seconds it auto connects to the extended wifi connection of my homw which is slower then the main connection. I have turned off auto connect, even set the extended connection as metered yet it auto connects with the 2nd connection. I have turned off every auto connect, auto discover wifi network settings yet it keeps on auto connecting or i may say it refreshed the network every few seconds and auto connects with the extended network. Please fix this bug. Its too annoying as it interrupts the game aas the wifi changes to slower connection.



  • Hi Soul,

    I have highlighted the same ahead.

    While you were on .128 software version.

    Please report back if the issue still persist on the latest version:

    [221108] ROG Phone 5/5s _WW/EU/RU_31.0810.1226.139 (Android 12)

  • Hi @ARP_ASUS

    I updated the phone to the latest WW/EU/RU_31.0810.1226.139 last night and the auto switching of wifi issue is still persist. I have 2 more ROG PHONE 5 will check it on them also if this is only on my ROG phone 5 or in all of ROG phone 5 i have. I can manage the switching of wifi in normal use but while gaming it stops the game for a minute or so for switching wifi which bad in competitive online games. I even reset the network settings from the main settings. But no solution.

  • Hi @ARP_ASUS

    Is it possible that this wifi issue im having is caused by motherboard change i had last year ?? (Rhetoric question) I doubt it cause this issue is in android 12 in all of thr ROG phone 5 i have (i got 3 of them) -_- but this bug is not in android 11. Please fix it.

  • @ARP_ASUS After the update auto connect wifi problem got worse. Now it switches between my main wifi and extender number of times in just 1 hour game session. And im sitting in just one place, not moving. -_- i've removed my extender connection and reconnect to it by password when needed. Please fix it ASAP.

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