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I told you, copy and paste, you didnt want to believe, there you have it.


  • Someone doubted it lol, but hey, don't buy this smartphone to play, call, listen to music, surf, watch videos or take pictures since it can't do anything, no, you buy it just for the box, I'm a fan, it's too classy 🤣

  • Maybe one of these years they'll fell enough shame to forgo the current design, remove that silly back led, add an internal fan or bring back that exhaust vent and build the damn thing like a fortress.

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    In rog phone 6 defense (and as the owner of one) . At least I can say I can turn my phone onto a curved phone at anytime. A one way ticket where you can't make it flat again 😂

    Sigh. Gonna look for another case now to ensure I don't fall victim of this

  • As disappointing as this seems his bend test is as useful as the flame test, good to know but phone will never see such stress in real life.

    Again not an excuse, asus should test stuff like this, esp is Samsung folding phones are able to pass the bend test.

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    There should be many, many more such videos, especially from well-known people or media, because if there are no such videos, classic ASUS users will not force the company to make changes to their phones.

  • There are people like @thuggs where nothing can make them admit the reality because they bought the product and won't admit they made a bad choice, so evidence is useless.

    What is sad is to see that a manufacturer does not take into account the previous failures of other manufacturers or the design of their products according to the use of users since the majority put their smartphones in the pockets of pants .

     HTC One M8, HTC EVO 4G LTE, HTC M7 and of course iPhone 6, 6+ are famous for the same fragility but unlike ASUS and its ROG5 they have rectified the situation.

    The only thing that ASUS seems to have corrected on the Rog6 is the disconnected SIM and fingerprint reader connectivity by the repeated bending in the pockets on the ROG5s, but it is absolutely certain that the ROG5, 6, 6D will bend one day or the another while being carried in a pocket.

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