Fingerprint and FaceID suddenly shuts off

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Hello dear community.

Recently I started getting problems with screen unlock features on my phone.

For some unknown reason, my Zenfone 8 suddenly shuts off fingerprint and FaceID simultaneously. It does not matter what I do (browse web, listen to music or even when my phone lays on a desk in standby mode), it just disables those unlock options with no error or warning.

Phone simply locks screen on its own.

I can still unlock it using pin code, or reboot device to get those features working again, but it is always temporary solution (sometimes minutes, sometime hours).

Weird thing is it started to occur when I moved to another country. Not sure if it's related or just coincidence.

Any options apart from resetting the phone?


  • Hi @Hozyainjunior

    What firmware is your ZenFone 8 on, and have you done any recent upgrades that could have caused this? Either way, I will report to see if any other users in the other forums are facing this.

    Thank you!

  • Is this because of having to input the pattern every 72 hours? Or is it happening more regularly?

  • Thanks for replies guys.

    It happens much more regularly. Basically, every few hours.. sometimes even minutes.

    I'm running 31.1010.0411.138

    Not sure about recent update. I've installed newer version in last 3-4 weeks, but issue started before this update.

  • If you have faceunlock enabled it is a standard feature. It disables all biometrics after few hours of inactivity. It is beacause faceunlock is less secure than fingerprint.

  • Yeah pio_zen, I know what you're saying, but it's not my case.

    My zenfone turns off biometric unlock permanently on its own until device is restarted.

    That thing you mentioned normally re-enables biometric unlock once pin is provided, which sometimes works on my device too, but more often it simply disables the whole biometric unlock thing entirely until I manually reboot device.

  • @Hozyainjunior Can you help me out by uploading a General Cases log? You can do so by entering

    1. Open the calculator
    2.   Enter “.19595+=”
    3. Generate a 'general cases' log

    Follow the instructions on your phone and then share the link to the log here. Thank you!

  • Seems I figured what was causing this problem, though not clear if this is expected or not.

    I did notice when phone disabled biometrics my primary SIM was getting locked as well, simultaneously.

    In SIM card parameters, it was showing "PIN code is locked".

    I disabled PIN code to check and no issues since then.

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