Wifi driver again not working for Asus Tuf F15 FX506LH

Wifi is not working again due to driver issues.....even when bios update and everything is updated regularly....

Bios Version: FX506LH.310

Model Name: FX506LH

And really, this is 3rd time, im facing this same issue....if its going to be same everytime.....whats the benefit for there to be wifi adapter in-built.....now im thinking that i have to get wifi adapter usb drive instead......since its not like we can use it without wifi anywhere.....and its not that good with usb sharing too.....but yhh, this is really disappointing that if we are doing something and it stops working in between that, we have to think about ways to do our work or just leave our work at that.....

Thanks for your diligent service ig......I hope that asus support team can resolve this issue or if its gonna happen everytime.....there is really no use to do update or give wifi in-built....bcoz its only going to work for sometime then we only have to try another way...so instead of that, i think we are okk without that ig😓😅🙃

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  • This is wifi checkup ss

  • @crazyjsbaranwal

    If you encounter this problem, please try the following steps.

    1. Turn on the power and keep the battery power supply mode active (without plugging in the power adapter).

    2. Press the power button for 30s to hard reset.

    3. Enter the system and connect to the power adapter after it has rebooted.

    4. Install MTK wireless network driver V3.00.01.1244 or above.

    5. Install MTK Bluetooth driver V1.3.15.142 or above.

    6. After the installation is complete, restart the device.

    Please be sure to execute all six steps, updating the wireless network driver first, then updating the Bluetooth driver in order.

    Sorry for any inconvenience it may be caused. 

  • Well, thanks for the guidance....its working rn but i dont know if it will be same after some time....i will try this steps if it stops working again later.....tbh i think this adapter has some issues, i did uninstalled wifi adapter 6 from device manager following some videos and it started working....

    But pls, make this updates at least somewhat reliable in future, well ik sometimes it happens with technical issues.....but its too much trouble if it happens everytime....

    well, thanks anyways, i will try that method if it didnt work later on...😊

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