Android Auto loses GPS position after system upgrade to.138

I can confirm that there are definitely problems with Android Auto after update to .138

I have lost GPS position twice last week following the upgrade and twice today.

To be sure, I deleted Android Auto cache and data and restarted my phone.

I started the route normally from google maps on the phone, connected the phone via usb cable to the car (Toyota) and started driving. Everything was okay for 5-10 min, but then the position on the Android Auto screen stopped updating. I had to unplug the phone and reconnect it to get the correct position. Again, after some time, the position was off.

This is a serious problem that can seriously affect users, and can lead to life-threatening situations.


  • Hi @erik.paladin

    Thank you, we have reported this and will update you here.

  • Hi @erik.paladin 

    Our team wasn't able to replicate this issue so we require your help in getting a log. You can do so by:

    1.  Open “Calculator APP”

    2.  Enter “.19595+=" then select Location, then replicate the issue.

    Once you're done with please share the Google drive link here.

    Also, does this only happen when you use Google maps or other apps like Wyze? If only on Google, please make sure that your app is properly updated. Thank you!

  • Hello! Are you still facing this issue? If so, please help us out with a log! Thank you so much!

  • Yes, I still do, but I don't know how to share log after created. Can you give us a email to send it? Where is the log located on the internal memory also?

  • Hi @Vasile Corneliu

    sure thing! This post teaches you how to share the log after you have created it and how to upload. Thank you!

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