Video call and VoLTE/WiFi calling (in Poland)


These are my questions related to Asus Zenfone 8:

1) is it possible to use native video calling? (i have two galaxy s6/s7 phones and in PlusGSM and video calling works on both s6<->s7) tried it with ZF8 and didn't work

2) VoLTE and Wifi calling works only in T-mobile ?



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    I don't know anything about point 1, but regarding the point 2, it seems like that. People have reported that they managed to get volte/vowifi working in Orange Flex using codes. In OrangePL network it is blocked by Orange and when question on this forum are raised whether Asus is doing something in order to get the phone certified, either nobody from Asus responds (except one response from very long ago, that we, as customers should contact Orange to get the recertification) or the responses are rather evasive, without any solid information provided.

    I am wondering what will happen when Orange (and other carriers) disable the 3G (UMTS) system, which is planned to happen somewhere around 2023-2024. If volte/vowifi won't be available by then, every call will have to go through 2G (GSM) system, which means that constant transition between 5G (or 4G) and 2G will occur, which is an absurd (both for the carrier and the customers), bearing in mind that Zenfone 8 is capable of both volte and vowifi...

  • volte services do not work in Poland. asus has cheated us and is not doing anything about it.

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    Nie oficjalnie, w każdej chwili możesz obudzić się z ręką w nocniku jak usuną 3g

  • Skąd wiesz, jak póki co to dopiero są testy...?

  • Mam zainstalowaną A13 z programu beta, i nie działa nawet po wpisaniu kodu. Jestem w Orange flex

  • Skoro jesteś na beta A13 to wyjaśnione.

  • Może Asus nie dodał ustawień dla Orange. Pytanie tylko dlaczego, czy przez to, że to beta i dodadzą później, czy może przez brak certyfikacji uznali, że nie ma potrzeby. Jak to drugie to lipa, może okazać się że na a13 nie będzie nigdy działać.

    Ale może też być tak, że w beta brakuje jakichś certyfikatów czy zabezpieczeń, i Orange samo nie puszcza takiego urządzenia.

    @Mattias_ASUS any news about our problem with TMobile volte calls quality?

  • What did you not understand with the last sentence, it is sure that it does not change much from non-beta firmwares :) but there it is written black on white

    Q1: What is the Beta Program?

    Ans: The Beta Program lets users experience the Android 13 system on ZenFone 8 at the first stage and help us find and fix bugs. Since this is a beta version that will have bugs, please consider carefully before joining in this program. If you are expecting a trouble free experience - this program is not for you.

  • Oby Asus wziął pod uwagę ten błąd? w A13.

  • Android 13 is right now in BETA, which means some features are still a work in progress, and there will be bugs.

    I have at this moment no information but will try to investigate a little.

  • Good, however this bug (with robotic sound in tmobile) is still present in official Android 12, and last update didn't changed anything :(

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