Screen content flickers

Very strange.

Started 2 weeks ago.

When I scroll through articles in most sites, and also while video is playing on web pages including youtube, the screen content becomes double and is flickering. It stops when I place a finger on the screen.

Tried to update the phone to latest version. Nothing.

Also happens in safe-mode

Have a look at the video.




  • Hi @bengalili

    Can you try to enter safe mode to see if the issue still persists?

    Long press the power key, once the menu pops up Tap and hold"Power Off" > Tap "OK".

    If your device works normally under Safe Mode but turns out to malfunction after you restart, such error cases may be caused by 3rd party applications. We suggest you back up all the data stored in your device and factory reset.

    Thank you!

  • I have exactly the same problem. Have not found any solution yet....

  • @keren_ASUS

    Nothing helps.

    Happens Also in safe mode

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