worth to buy?

im considering buy a new phone for my gaming experience, is it this phone worth to buy? or can i have some recommendation about other phone for gaming purpose? thanks for kindly answer my q



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  • MT0MT0 Level 2

    Base on my experience on asus phone No it's not worth it you don't even know in the future that they'll might mess something up in the firmware update knowing asus they always mess something up ,in the first couple of months the phone will run perfectly but in the coming months or so in each every update they might lower the phone's performance that's what they always do especially the rog 5 and soon the rog 6 , it better to buy a poco x4 gt which right now outperform my rog 5 or wait for the poco x5 gt which also run mediatek dimensity 9100.. to save some extra cash.. but still it's up to you if you want to gamble your money on asus. just read some other forum , because right now a lot of rog 6 mother board are failing

    which I'm not surprised because it's also the same with my rog 5 went to the service center 4 times because it keep dying on me without doing anything wrong, all can say on the rog phones is " Quality in the outside but cheap in the inside"

  • I just purchase the 6d and its just a headache... Waiting on confirmation on the return then will send it back and buy some glue to fix my old rog2, thats a good phone maybe a few years on the neck but hey i never had an issue with it up till 2 weeks ago or soo when the old tape holding the screen gave up. Had figure the 6d would be a solid upgrade so didnt do much research, wich i now regret.

    Look for another phone is all i can say.

  • NadziNadzi Level 2

    what is your problem with the ROG 6D please??? I want to buy it so I know what to prepare for

  • Had some issues with network while playing getting ping drops every now and then, phone kind of drains the huge battery fast, some games that i have installed need be reinstalled to play over and over, doing that with wifi issues well ye it can take up to 30min just to patch.. thats the major things i noticed so far and was enough headache for me.

    Its like pay for do some beta test which i doubt i payed for, and in the end most likely will result in me throwing then phone out the window,

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