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Hi Asus team,

I've noticed that the auto light sensor to adjust screen brightness is really slow to react. As an example, taking my phone from my pants pocket to unlocking has a noticeable delay before the auto sensitivity increases the brightness.

My suggestion is:

1. Make the sensor faster to react


2. Let me choose the default minimum brightness.

On my old s10e the auto sensitivity was on but if I moved the brightness bar up, it would know that this is the level I'm comfortable with and stay there. With the zenfone9 I feel like it continues to bring it low everytime I put my phone in my pocket and is a little inconvenient.

Let me know if there's a setting besides undocking adaptive brightness.


  • Hey @echang01, thanks for your feedback. I'll forward it to the R&D team.

  • Awesome thanks!

  • Yea, I would also love to see this work faster and I even would add a smooth transition instead of a hard switch for it. The jump in brightness is really very unpleasing to look at. Just make it smooth, but responsive. Thank you <3

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