(US) Connex Case and Backpack Mount

Hey folks, getting my Zenfone 9 in the mail tomorrow, went looking for the Connex case and backpack mount. The nifty setup was part of the draw of the phone for me - I'm not seeing it anywhere in the US, is Asus not selling it in the US yet? Anyone know of any retailers who might ship the set to the US?


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  • Tomy90cTomy90c Level 1
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    @Mudinthewater Here in the Czech Republic, the Connex is available in black, but the Backpack Mount is not available yet and I am waiting for it as well.

  • keren_ASUSkeren_ASUS admin
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    Hi Mudinthewater

    Unfortunately, we don't have a date for when or if they will be sold in the USA. And we don't have stock info for other stores. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.


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