How to revert icons back to their default look?

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So i was messing with icon packs for a while, and after seeing many of them i've decided to go back to the default icons look, but i cant find an option to revert an icon back to its default image. The only way i know of is to reinstall individual apps but some apps i rather not delete as i have important info in there, so im looking for other options.

The phone itself doesnt seem to have any setting regarding icons (android 12, build - 31.1010.0411.122).



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    Same problem here with a zenfone 9

    Suprised how uncustomizable icons and theme are...

  • Hi @orionov 

    If you uninstall the app you used to change the appearance of the apps, it should revert back to normal. I just tested it using x Icon Changer and also an icon pack.

  • Thats the obvious thing to do, but it doesnt really work like you say it would.

    I've uninstalled the icon pack app but they were still there, even after a system reboot. However, every day or so i see one or more icons reverting back to normal (stock) appearance, as if its a disease slowly being cured. Weird af i know.

    Its been 10 days since i've posted this question and from ~20 icons getting the makeup treatment by that app, its now down to 4 icons with that icon pack theme. My theory is that every few days, a few random apps are getting an update in the background which pushes a new (stock) icon into the homescreen.

    This is the icon pack app btw (cant post full links apparently, just put dots instead of spaces) -

    play google com/store/apps/details?id=ddt.destroyer.icon.pack

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