WiFi to network switching issue

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  1. Model Name: 6 pro
  2. Firmware Version:
  3. Rooted or not: no
  4. Frequency of Occurrence: often
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If Im listening to something like YouTube music on WiFi and leave WiFi zone the phone doesn't auto connect to cellular network. It gives me an error about WiFi being connected still but no Internet. I have to manually turn off wifi to get it to connect to the cell network.

This of course stops any stream i had playing. This only occurs with something actively using data and it's not an always occurrence.


  • thuggsthuggs Level 1

    No mods want to send this bug to the dev team?

    There are also times when phone comes from mobile data into WiFi the same thing happens, WiFi connects but says it can't use the Internet. Disconnecting and reconnecting fixes this. But i never have to do this on my rog 2.

  • For sure this problem is in you try to abjust your wifi settings and about this when you are connected in wifi but you dont have internet the problem can be in your wifi router or your wifi internet provider so try this to other router and other wifi interer provider becouse i alo have this problem sometimes but when i restart my wifi router everything is fixed after this .... This problem appear on my old galacy S10 lite and another Xiaomi phone but the problem is in my wifi router or internet provider not in this 3 phone .... Also in your settings when your phone have wifi but not internet on this wifi network he automatically change the network to cellular data this is also setting that can be abjusted so first make some tests whit other phones if you have or other wifi routers and internet providers and after this try to search other solutions

  • The router can be the cause but any protection software, ad blocker or VPN too, AdGuard is the perfect example

  • thuggsthuggs Level 1

    This happens on different wifi networks, including ones with zero protection software. So for sure this is a problem with the phone cause only this phone has the issue out of 4 phones and 3 laptops.

  • Try to use your phone in safe mode

    If the problem stay try to reset all settings or reset wifi mobile and bluetooth

    and if the problem stay send it to warranty

  • thuggsthuggs Level 1

    Leave network listed and went into the network below that's saved and was out of the top network for an hour, went to mobile, got into the saved network below for 20 mins and phone still wouldn't connect to the only network it was able to.

    The phone isn't even 2 weeks old, should be zero reason to have to reset anything. This is clearly a bug that needs to be fixed. Most buggy phone I've ever had.

  • I can dublicate your problem just see this screenshots

    Maybe there can have other problem that is not in your phone and you think asus can do something about it ????? And this is a bug that only you have ???? No if this is a bug from the system and depends from asus to fix it you will not be the only one that will have it ...... Also when i dublicate this "problem" the phone connect to other networks and not conect to this whitout a internet connection so try to do something that i write you ! Other thing that you can do is to place your SIM card to other phone and start a wifi hot spot try to connect to it use the phone for a little time and watch what will happening and if you dont try to do anything no one can help you.... I give you so much advices try to do some of them also try to restart you wifi router try something

  • thuggsthuggs Level 1

    Again no other phone i have has this problem. So it's either Android 12 or this phone. And again this happens on multiple routers, so i should reset 400 different business routers? Stop sticking up for a company that doesn't care about making a reliable product.

  • You shouldn't try to understand, there are Asus Fans, the most incomprehensible is that there are former ROG5 users who still bought a ROG6, the same for ZF8 -> ZF9.

    That said, check your APN and test by changing APN Protocol: IPv6 to APN Protocol: IPv4

    also check in the advanced settings in Wi-Fi preferences (enable auto wifi activation, disable send public network notification, enable auto connect mobile data, disable data saver) and in developer options, enable mobile data always on

  • thuggsthuggs Level 1

    Ok you still don't understand the bigger part of the issue here. This will happen sometimes with the WiFi isn't even in range anymore. Being out in the motorcycle my music will stop streaming and if i check it, the phone will give the error above. So how can it be connected to WiFi that's 30 miles away? Answer, it's not and this is a bug that needs to be fixed.

  • Lol, yes, I understand your problem very well, what I don't understand is that there are still buyers of rog6 and ZF9 after ASUS' attitude towards customers of the previous series respectively.

    I just gave you a test to deactivate ipv6 to see if there is an improvement since asus has planted APN at home.

    FYI, on the Rog5, after 16 months, the problem is almost identical and still not fixed, in certain situations I still have to activate and deactivate airplane mode

    The problem is identical to yours also on the 6D

    So I wish you good luck

  • thuggsthuggs Level 1

    Ok that's fine, those bugs need to be reported as well. I don't have those devices so i can bug report them. I do have the 6 pro.

    I don't get why mods see bugs in other threads and say they'll send them over to the dev teams but no mods here doing the same.

  • maybe is worth tagging a mod, @Mattias_ASUS what do you think about this problem, can you forward it to the dev team for us?

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    Thanks for letting me know, will contact the R&D team immediately and send the issue.

    Just a quick question, are you on the latest firmware?

  • Hello @thuggs

    Seen on the Chinese discus that one of the WIFI problems could be reproduced on the Rog 6 and 6D and that the correction should be present in the next firmware (no date announced)

    The bug is not exactly identical to WIFI-Mobile-WIFI but WIFI-WIFI Repeater-WIFI, the common point being the drop in signal and the delay to switch to another connection there is a chance that the correction will be apply to your case.

  • Thanks, let's see what the future update brings.

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