ROG phone 6 issues with video capture card.

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How to fix the problem with the ROG phone 6, which it does not work with video capture card when the aero active cooler is plugged, I would like some solutions, I love the phone, I had buying since the series 2 and I would like to stream video games with it. Thanks for the understanding 👍


  • you can't. The port on the cooler is charging only. Also if you connect without cooler it will lag.

  • I came here looking for the same answer/fix. I own and used the ROG Phone 2, 3 & now the 6 Pro stricktly as gaming devices and live stream. I had No issues with either of the predecessor models, but the upgrade/downgrade of the Aero Active Cooler 6 is making me regret my purchase. Asus please release a firmware update to re-enable the video out.

  • There are two possible reasons, the pins at least A&B 2,3,10,11 are not connected/present or the absence of the protocol in the Aerocooler firmware.

    USB-C audio (A&B 6.7) has not been tested, if you have a USB-C headset take advantage of it and let us know.

    Looking at port-c do you see all 24 pins or do you see any gaps or some other anomaly like a different color

    The pins present are not proof that it is the firmware because they may not be soldered, you would have to disassemble Aerocooler and I will not buy one for that :)

    As long as I'm at it, don't plan to buy the ROG6D, it's the same and even worse because streaming with an external card, without an aerocooler, causes a significant drop in FPS!!!!

  • Even if the Aero Active Cooler 6 is not wired to handle a video signal, this could be achieved through the bottom port with a Firmware update.

    Without the cooler installed I can get a video signal out of both the bottom and side ports, I can understand if the Cooler was not wired to support video but there should be no reason that it affects the bottom port.

    I knew the video out was an issue on the ROG Phone 5 and the reason I did not upgrade from the 3.

    My ROG Phone 3 still runs like a champ, the through port on the cooler supports video out and has a headphone jack completely freeing up the side of the phone for gaming. The ONLY reason I wanted the ROG Phone 6 was for the extra buttons on the cooler, I knew the headphone jack was no longer on the cooler, and was an acceptable compromise for the extra buttons. The ONLY reason I upgraded was because during the ROG Phone 6 Launch Event, it was specifically stated that the side port supported HDMI, there was no asterisk on the screen or disclaimer that the HDMI function was not available with the Aero Active Cooler 6 installed.

  • The AAC6 does not support the transfer of information through it, and the bottom port of the device does not support HDMI output, which means HDMI out cannot be used together with the AAC6.

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