Camera led shining weakly all time

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Hi, today i wanted to use camera led as torch and at first it did not work...later it worked, but I found out that it is still on(shining very weakly) even when the mobile is turned off... is my motherboard faulty or my phone soon die ? ramdump or... ?? ?? ?

can someone try turn on led and after turning off, go to fully dark room and check led whether is turn off

edit: after long time, led is probably off, but this is mysterious :D

edit2: I think some kind of semiconductor that controls LED is defective... :)


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    On my phone the LED works fine but I also noticed the disappearing faint glow after switching it off.

  • Oh, IT IS ok.. i watched disassembly video of zf8 . LED is integrated in back cover and contacts sometimes probably not to Press... OK...:)

  • Hi @sexiclube55

    Thank you for reaching out. Can you please try to clear the camera cache by going into:

    Settings -> Camera -> Storage & Cache -> execute CLEAR CACHE.

    Also, if you have installed a third-party torch app, please try to uninstall it. Thank you!

  • 🤣🤣🤣🤣...........

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