Zenfone9 - nearly perfect phone for me - one single whish regarding lock screen notifications

Hello Asus team

I am the very happy owner of a new Zenfone 9, preordered beginning of August and received end of August.

One wish I have for future SW update:

If you please implement notifications with message preview like the one in the attachement.

Thank you for the great work you have done with this phone. For me it's the perfect size, has good battery life (outstanding for the size), excellent specs, lite (non-bloated) operating system with good customizability and performance, good idea with the fingerprint reader on the side and many more items.

Camera is good, it could be even better, but this is really no serious issue for me.


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    Hey @DaniLuca! 🙂

    Thank you for your feedback, we are glad to know that you are happy with your Zenfone 9.

    To preview the message or the notification, you can try enabling the mini heads-up notification. You can also enable Sensitive notifications to view the notification content when the phone is locked. These options are available in Settings>Apps & Notifications>Privacy.

  • Thank you Mansi

    In my opinion, the Asus team has done an extraordinary job in looking for what clients look for in these days in a smarphone. Especially in the Android world, the Zenfone 9 was missing (in my opinion).

    Yes, I'm aware of the settings you are referring to.

    My wish is to receive the notifications for a (adjustable) time fully visible on the lock screen (like the picture I added and kind of like on the fruit-company products), and then be gone.

    This helps tremendous in a lock-screen state (AoD or not) when a notification comes in, to understand what it is about without toching the phone. When we work on our computer, are in an online meeting etc.

    Great to learn, that my wish has been heared.

    Wishing the entire team great accomplishments and commercial success with the good products you are doing!


  • Hi Asus team,

    I just bought the zenfone9 and j switched from the s10e.

    One thing about the pull down button menu that bothers me is the massive white space that should be opaque or something if no notifications are there.

    Am I missing something or us there a setting I can't find?

  • This is normal for Android 12/13 on most stock Android handsets

  • Hello,

    You can try aodNotify app.



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