Le minuscule point positif restant de mon ROG 5 est définitivement partis.

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From the 6000 mAh announced, actually 5770 and fell in 1 month to 5400 then stabilized at this value since September 2021 it has just dropped to 4000 mAh, from +6h of autonomy there is barely 3h30 left.

In 15 months, 5 charges at 65w, all the others at 18w, 60% use in charge bypass.

Arrived after the last obligatory charge in 65w because of my intention, I had to leave for a 4 hour hike and forgot to put it on charge.

Here, for my criterion N ° 1 which was the autonomy and the lifespan thanks to the bypass of load, I am now the happy owner of a paperweight which will be used with a wire in the paw until its death .

The tiny remaining plus point of my ROG 5 is definitely gone.


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