SIM2 Is reactivated after phone restarts


There two sims in my Zenfone 9, the 2nd one is deactivated. After restarting the phone that sim is reactivated, and there is a need to deactivated it manually. I was wondering if there is a way to keep it deactivated after phone restart. Image version # is 32.2040.2040.23.

Regards, Amit



  • ArjanBArjanB Level 1

    Same issue on the 32.2040.2040.28 firmware

  • Hi @amitgil and @ArjanB

    can you try resetting your Wi-fi, mobile & Bluetooth settings to see if this helps? System - Reset Options - Reset Wi-fi, Mobile & Bluetooth.

    Thank you!

  • No change after doing reset of the Wi-fi, Mobile & Bluetooth. SIM2 is reactivated after phone restart.

  • Same with my setup, SIM2 is still being activated after reboot.

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