Why is ASUS ignoring Verizon and other US carriers?

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I've been waiting for years for the ROG phone to be available on Verizon, which is the fastest network, and has the best connection for gaming on your phone and for streaming games to your phone. It's really strange to me that they would not put their phone, which is supposed to be the best for gaming, on the network that is the best for gaming.

I've heard repeatedly that ASUS and Verizon had talks about making the phone compatible with Verizon, but ASUS backed out. Can we get any clarity about whether or not we will ever get this or the next generation of ROG phones on Verizon? I don't want to be forced to switch to a worse carrier to get a better phone.


  • If you were in support, you would know that users who are unhappy or encountering problems always turn to the seller, even if the seller can't do anything about it because they are selling or validating a product that should work. Our Oracle, Microsoft Office, Cisco, Zebra and many other users never turn to them but to my company, whereas our internal software is not in question. I would like to be in the case of Verizon and have the choice not to market a product knowing full well that I will have to deal with their crap.

    I don't know the quality of the operators in your country, but if Verizon is better, ask yourself if the choice of devices it validates does not enter into this assessment.

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    I bought this hoping it would work on version (pro model) and Verizon blacklist's this phone. So even though it has compatible antennas and Verizon support themselves will say it works, once you go to activate it, it can't be activated.

    They say the base 6 works but couldn't actually try it since i didn't have an imei. Also be aware the base 6 has only 3 5g bands supported on Verizon.

    Get a Sony or pixel 7 if you want Verizon.

  • I currently have a ROG Phone 6 Pro working on Verizon. My unit is ASUS_AI2201_D (ASUS_AI2201_F)

    Previously had the Phone 5s.

    Use the XDA guide.

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    Perfect if you like up jump though hoops and have to take additional steps every few days to get text messages and 4g calling.

  • Nothing has changed since I popped my SIM card in. No issues. 4G, 5G, text, data, calls works as one would expect, like previously with a Phone 5s.

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    Till you reboot your phone and have to jump through the hoops again.

  • Not sure where you getting your info from, but my experience says otherwise. It could be the version model that I have of the phone 6 pro. Cheers mate!

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    Everything i read on getting the 5 to work said you had to dial in settings and if you rebooted they needed to be dialed in again. Also every now and then there l the phone would just stop receiving texts and calls.

    I also have the 6 pro

  • I sadly don't have more information regarding that, we are constantly working with service providers to allow more services in our devices.

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