So the dimensity 9k+ is now superior than SD gen1+?

So the dimensity 9k+ is now superior than SD gen1+?


  • Now for me, I use emulators quite a bit and there's no brainer that snapdragon gets best performance. Also, I've noticed some apps have like one to two stars in reviews. E.g. Final fantasy IX. I never understood why as it always works for me. Wait, is that because I've always used a snapdragon based device? Yep, and that's why I can't just go to another cpu unless if I'm only playing the latest titles that have come out last two years or so.

    So yes. Very happy with my rog 6 snapdragon version.

    But if you are happy to just play the latest mobile games coming out, then dimensity will be your choice

    Peace out.

  • Well my rog phone 3 still kicking im planing to upgrade to 6D Ultimate if comes out in my local store

  • So far the 6D seems to do fine, it still has terrible speakers sadly but at least no reports of dead 6D yet, unlike the snapdragon version.

    As for emulation the dimensity does just fine.

  • The snapdragon rog 6 pro is still the better device in terms of gpu performance and screen quality. And there is no input delay. that's a hoax I've debunked that already on YouTube. Som strange guys visit every forum to claim there is input delay which is bad for competitive gaming. But that delay he is talking about is actually worse on the latest black shark devices. It's just, nobody notices it because it's fast enough. The rog 6 pro is absolutely perfect and I'm a competitive gamer. period

  • The fact you say the 6D and 6 version have different screen quality already confirms you don't have a shred of an idea what you're talking about.

    Also the delay in the screen has already been confirmed by multiple people at this point and has been especially annoying for the rythm gamers, but you do seem to be one of the coping users that will defend the Rog6 to the bitter end. As for black shark devices, they are as delayed as the Rog6, they are using the exact same panel.

    At least now users know to completely ignore you.

  • ZsoltZsolt Level 1

    I wouldn't say I'm a competitive gamer rather hobby, but I know 2 serious fps gamer who's are in the world top and I following them. The only one reason why they not using rog 5 or rog 6 because Asus cuted the video output while using AAC6. This makes them hard time to stream but none of them are complained about screen delay. This 2 guy are playing different game mode one of them are battle royale orientated the other one is competitive multiplayer. They'll use rog 3 until die out and they'll move to iPad. However, when they're not streaming, they're happy to use the Rog 6. So basically the last two series of Rog phone cutted off live content creators.

  • The delay is very obvious especially on CODM. If you follow them, mind telling us tho they are? I couldnt find a single top player that wasnt instantly disgusted with the input lag.

  • ZsoltZsolt Level 1

    Yup codM check Parker

    and Ice.

  • ZsoltZsolt Level 1

    Check Parker

    And Ice but he his streaming more on FB.

  • I already know about parker. He had multiple problems with the Rog6. Its not because of the lack of video out of the cooler perse, its because the phone itself is a fking bug fiesta. He tried to stream wth the Rog6 without cooler, the garbage performance and constant disconnects and ghost touches made him stop using it. The delay was the least of his problems, as he said on his video, the phone just doesnt work properly. He belives that the cooler attached will fix the issues, hence he mentiones it. He probably didnt want to go in depth anyways as he was clearly done with the Rog series.

    8:36 ghost touch example of the Rog6.

    As for Ice, he plays on Ipad, no clue where you get the idea from that he is using phones.

    you seem very misinformed

  • Not sure, but i used ROG Phone 6 with SD8+ right now 😅

    If i have dimensity 9k+ version, maybe i can tell you 😎

  • If you call the sudden screen flip a ghost touch well it is not. It is a bug with aim assist and a class in CODM called Rewind, when you're hitting an enemy and they suddenly use the class they teleport to previous spots so aim assist glitches and pulls your screen towards the direction the enemy goes... CODM is not the best game to test out some of the phone issues as it might be full of glitches or bad performance of the game itself. As for me I have not noticed really high input lag and I even unlocked screen to go past 60 FPS.

  • I dont have any problems use this settings on and you will see big different

    Also you can make screen refresh rate to 120hz

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