Enabling Bluetooth will cause Wifi adapter to crash (Code 10)

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For the past few weeks, I have an ongoing problem with the Intel(R) Wireless-AC 9560 160MHz network adapter on my ZenBook UX450FDX.313 (running Win11 Pro 64-bit 10.0.22621). 


As soon as I enable the bluetooth adapter by installing a driver, it will cause the wifi adapter to stop working after the next boot, generating a code 10 error. The problem is easily reproducible. 

Temporary fix (that I do not like):

As soon as I uninstall all bluetooth driver files and shift-shut down/reboot the computer, the wifi connection works fine again, but obviously I don't have bluetooth then. Also, I have to disable Windows Update, as this immediately installs a bluetooth driver, which would again kill the wifi. So this is not a solution. 


1. disable Windows Update

2. uninstall all bluetooth and wifi drivers

3. Shift+shut down PC, reboot. The bluetooth adapter is now an unknown hardware device in the device manager

4. Install wifi adapter driver (both original OEM driver and latest generic Intel driver work).

> The wifi now runs stable, but no bluetooth and no Windows Update 

5. installing any bluetooth driver (both OEM driver and latest generic Intel driver) enables bluetooth, but after the next reboot wifi is gone with a code 10 and bluetooth is gone too (no error here, bluetooth just disappears in the device manager). So I have to start again with step 2.

I tried multiple drivers, multiple driver combinations, a clean (un)install of the drivers, MyAsus support, Windows troubleshooting, updating everything I found, BIOS is up to date, Windows is up to date, un/reinstalled Windows, .... . Nothing has worked so far.

Any ideas?


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